Hi! I'm Shawn & a big Alex and Co Printables - Shawnwelcome to Alex & Co! I began creating sweet little printables for our home and it quickly grew into a small business that I love. I have a mad crush on quotes, addiction to making lists and basically love everything that's just plain pretty.

My little family consists of my husband Buck and our two sweet-as-pie daughters, Alex & Court. (That's where I got the "super original" name Alex & Co.)  We have a small home that was built in the 1950's that is forever undergoing changes to make our itty bitty home (972 sq. feet) work for our family. We definitely like to keep it simple in our home. My theory is "The more you have, the more you clean." So...less is more in my book! I'm so lucky I'm married to a super handy guy that is coming around to my diy way of thinking. 

Thanks for visiting!